Model Based Embedded Software Development Engineer

Posted at 29/03/2018

Primary Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • The engineer is coached to develop and test embedded software for controllers used within driveline systems to control transmissions, axle related functions and /or to create functions and features on the vehicle.
  • The coordinator for software development or a more experienced software developer has translated the customer requirements for the embedded software into a systems solution.
  • By using a step-by-step plan, the algorithms in the embedded software can be realized by project and process management.
  • The developed software is tested by the engineer through unit, MIL & SIL testing first, then on a simulator and/or test rig and finally on the vehicle based on a defined test strategy and derived test plan.
  • The test results obtained by the engineer and the documentation are discussed with the coordinator for software development.
  • The progress during the development and testing is regularly reported to and discussed with the coordinator for software development.
  • The engineer has to cooperate in a multidisciplinary team working on a systems solution. To realize his duties the engineer has to cooperate with other disciplines (engineering of mechanics, valve, transmission, axle, PC-tools and electronics hardware, supplier of driveline components, …).
  • After finalizing the training and coaching by more experienced developers and based on the progress and growth made by the engineer, the engineer will be able to work in a delegated way within the global team, respecting the rules and procedures used within the team.
  • After some time he will be able to discuss with the internal/external customers about the requirements that are reflected into a design book to realize the embedded software.
  • The engineer develops & test in the lab of the development centre followed by testing at the customer site, in order to release the developed software for production.


  • Master in Science Mechatronics/Informatics/Electronics.
  • Two vacancies :
    • For the experienced engineer : Relevant work experience of minimum 5 years would be an advantage,
    • For the young potential: Academic knowledge and strong interest.
  • Has knowledge about Model Based Software Development, auto code generation and doing the integration with legacy code.
  • Has knowledge about the Mathworks tools like, Matlab-Simulink, Stateflow, embedded coder, …
  • Also about SYSML (UML).
  • And also about dSPACE TargetLink code generator.
  • Has the high level knowledge of programming in C-language.
  • Has knowledge about compilers; operating systems used for embedded systems; AUTOSAR.
  • Has knowledge about object oriented software development.
  • And also about FMEA, problem solving tools.
  • While the focus will be on application software, has interest in low-level software that is more related to the hardware.
  • Has knowledge about in-vehicle communications networks like CAN, Flexray, TTP, LIN, …
  • Has or will develop good project management skills.
  • Will participate in the continuous improvement of processes and procedures to develop software.

An extra advantage is that the engineer has :

  • experience in the software development for embedded mechatronic systems, more specific for automotive and/or off-highway drivetrain control applications.
  • hands-on experience with AUTOSAR development, ideally from architecture over application implementation, RTE generation and BSW configuration to ECU test.
  • knowledge about functional safety standards, or other related standards (CMMI, Incose) for system development or hardware and software development.
  • knowledge about 32 bit microprocessors of Freescale MPC and knowledge about and experience with Python scripting language.


  • An organization that offers the possibility to show your own initiatives and to realize professional growth.
  • Working in a multidisciplinary team in an international context/projects.
  • Competitive compensation package in line with your experience.